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Come Work

"Be your own business with a fun and supportive team right beside you."

Join Our Movement

A collection of artists seeking growth through education and creativity. It's not just art. It's a lifestyle for the starving artist.

Connect with us

Start with filling out our application form. This will give us the initial details we need to start the process. After that we will contact you within 72 hours.

Explore our space and chat

This will be our opportunity to connect. We will give you a tour of our upscale artery, share our amenities, get to know each other, and answer any questions you might have.

Shadow day

Let's really see if we will be a good fit by a full shadow day. During this shadow day you will see all the ins and outs of The Craft to give you a better idea of what your life will be like with us.

Get the party started!

If we are on the same page then it's time to get excited! Next step is signing our rental contract, finalizing all the details, and scheduling your first day at The Craft! Are you ready?!

"The more you put in... The more you get out of it!"
Space Includes:

-2,400 sq feet salon

-Your own styling station/suite

-Great central location


-Break room


-Cleaning services

What's Included?!

-24 Hour access(rental suites only)

-Scheduling system

-Artist collaboration

-Artery support



-Paints Like Schmidt education

-High end experiences for your clients

-Free parking

-Free Wifi

-Team events


-Full backbar(commission stylists only)

-Fully stocked retail

(Oligopro, RandCo, Olaplex, & Victory Barber, crystals, candles, and accessories)

Social Media:

-Backdrop for social media content

-Brand support via Instagram & Facebook


-Artery website

-Team photoshoots

"Our mission is a space for the starving artist to thrive, call home, to be welcomed and accepted."

questions you may be thinking...

How is renting a business suite at The Craft different than any other rental space?

Here at our artery we are all about supporting local artists. And that means YOU too! We are very selective in our rental process so that every team member here is who we believed best fit our space. Everyone here cares about their clients, AND their teammates! We truly want to see one another grow and succeed. Another thing? The amount of amenities and benefits we provide exceed your average rental space. Montana will be mentoring you along the way so that you are set up for success.

Why are stylist chairs only commission in an independent artist space?

At our artery we treat our salon space as an individual business while mentoring other artists. Just like the support of our business rental suites, you will receive the same guidance towards opening your own business ! Unlike most commission salons, our goal is for you to grow and be ready to venture on your own like our businesses that reside upstairs. Or if you just like to hang with us you are always welcome to stay and continue growing within your career goals! You will still have the freedom of services offered and finding your niche/specialty. Your perks come with a little bit more (like backbar, color, treatments, etc.) so you don't have to worry about tracking your inventory, the pressure of keeping track and paying quarterly into your taxes, and a structured schedule that benefits you to find your ideal clientele. The more you grow your clientele, the more you grow within our space!

Why is there a shadow day in the process?

Instead of signing a contract blindly, and us accepting just anyone, we place a strong emphasis on it being the "right fit". Not only do we want to be sure The Craft is the right fit for you, but we also take massive pride in our positive and chill culture. We want an opportunity for you to connect with the team and feel you are right for us!

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